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Risk of vaccine vs Risk of Covid-19

There is no data that suggests the Covid vaccines could cause harm for those in remission, have active Graves or TED. Although, there is also no data yet to support the safety of the vaccine. However, data from research for similar vaccines have not shown a triggered autoimmune response in the past. There is no reason to conclude this non-live virus vaccine would be any different.

There is research regarding active autoimmune disease and contracting Covid has the potential of rapid onset and severe symptoms. Additionally, any person with an autoimmune disease who gets Covid is at a higher risk for triggering one or more autoimmune disease.

The benefits outweigh my concerns for having the Covid vaccine, but it's a personal choice. The exception is if you are allergic to any ingredient or if taking medication that suppresses your immune system - you will want to talk with your doctor first.

What are your thoughts?

I posted the topic on January 12, 2021 on SGD Facebook. I was really impressed with all the shared experiences and opinions of the vaccine.


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